Fitness IS for EVERYONE!

My ADAPTIVE FITNESS Program is perfect for individuals who need SEATED WORKOUTS either due to a disability or injury.

All workouts can be done standing, as well as offering switchouts for upper-level quads. 

The Program Benefits Include:

  • Workout Everyday with Amy in her pre-recorded videos.
  • Download Your Daily Workout Breakdown.
  • Follow Amy’s Nutrition Advice and Recipe Library
  • Join Amy’s Private Facebook Group
  • And More!

Start with my FREE 7 Day Adaptive Fitness Series

“Get In the Zone!”

FREE 7 Day Adaptive Fitness Series

Adaptive workouts focus on taking traditional exercises and adapting them to meet ALL abilities. 

I truly believe FITNESS IS FOR ALL! That is why you will find workouts here for everyone!

Together, we will customize the BEST program to meet your needs and specific goals!

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What People Are Saying…

Having to be a wheelchair user, I never found workouts that were adaptable to my level. Push ups, sit ups, and all the basic dumbbell moves is what I was always shown. That was until I found Amy.

"I started working with Amy in August of this year and she has taught me so many exercises that I never in a million years could think I was able to do. In just a 2 month period I have even gotten the best results. "

“Since working with Amy, my body feels 100x lighter and looser than it has in my entire life.”

“What’s amazing about Amy is she will go out of her way to figure out how to adapt every single move for you. It’s very rare that you find trainers who are adaptable to your ability. It has definitely been a blessing for me to have met Amy!”